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Jax Rhapsody 04-07-13 02:20 PM

Brand of this beach cruiser
I picked this up with no head badge or other stickers on it. It had a kidrobot sticker of a bic lighter smoking a cigarette as a heas badge. It hit me that I could google cruisers with these god aweful oxymoronic flame tread tires, yet my google fu was weak. Can anybody discern what this bike is? Its at least three years old.
Im going to do a mild build on it adding a smaller rear sproket and some orange parts.

Jax Rhapsody 04-07-13 02:22 PM

Oh, I swapped the huge curved bars and it had color matched hand grenade valvestem caps. Swapped the seat too.

fietsbob 04-07-13 03:05 PM

Looks pretty Generic, lots of copies of the Schwinn/Etc. it kind of resembles.. it's a 'Whatever'..

Jax Rhapsody 04-08-13 12:23 AM

Well yeah, granted most of them do- its a simple design. Most of them though do not use this classic 80s frame design anymore, which is why I am curious as to what it could be. Most are this ugly "modernized" beach cruiser design; ie Next/LaJolla. Or they have that 50s look; ie Schwinn Bridgewood or whatever it is with the faux "tank" on it. This bike has the classic, what I consider the modern standard frame, compaired to my 37 Schwinn Henderson. It's only features are the fat massive flame treaded tires and the color matched hand grenade valvestem caps. The only other bikes with those tires are BMX bikes. Which means that narrows it down to who makes cruisers and who decided to bring back that frame design.

My google search turned up no stock bikes with those tires. I may nees to go to some other bike forums. Its not special- none of them are, really. Just a simple bike. They cant help but be generic. Its also a steel frame. I plan on a mild build replacing some of the parts with orange ones, and a smaller rear sprocket. Im having fun with it, took it to the skate park last night.

xenologer 04-08-13 01:21 AM

Instead of knowing the specific brand/model; I'd focus on the craftsmanship. -how do the welds look? how much does it weight? that'll give a more meaninful measure of the bike's quality.

and I think I've seen walmart cruisers with a flame patterned tread design; cant see yours up close, but really how many tires can there be like that?

Jax Rhapsody 04-08-13 03:08 AM

Its a standard steel cruiser. Its heavy but compaired to my mongoose deception, probably around 35lbs. Ive only seen flame patterns on bmx bikes such as mongoose. I looked at the seat and it had Cionlli on the side of it.

Jax Rhapsody 04-08-13 03:12 AM

fietsbob 04-08-13 08:52 AM

Give it Up, you got 2 NCAA finals, Basketball games to watch..

Tires wear out or can be a choice change by a previous owner , you can read the brand of tire ,
but it does not have any indication as to what bike they are on

bobn 04-08-13 09:53 AM

I had a beater that looked like that. Check out Mango Cruisers. I think they are out of Miami or the Keys.

Jax Rhapsody 04-08-13 10:24 AM

Yeah, I should be happy it hasnt fell apart yet, especially at the skate park. I dont watch basketball, I know we've been kicking ass and we might bring home the championship, Id rather they drop these ball sports and focus on vehicular ones. If you dont who "we" are, see my city under my name. The me.j and women have been going strong. I still think they need to be cycling or rallycross lawntractors, something I care about.

GP 04-08-13 10:28 AM

It looks like an Electra with these tires. Hard to say without seeing it in person though.

GP 04-08-13 10:30 AM

Maybe not; the dropouts look different.

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