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Inkwolf 05-14-02 10:45 AM

Tales of the Weird Biker?
What's the strangest place you've ever biked, or the weirdest thing you've seen biking?

I'm thinking of taking a weird weekend trip to the Janesville Wisconsin area and biking around....have a look at Miracle the White Buffalo, Rock Lake with its mysterious sunken pyramids, and after dark, see if I have the nerve to pedal down Bray Road in Elkhorn, where, in the late 90's, there were several sightings of an aggressive, wolfman-like creature.

Any bizarre stories to tell? Pedalled the crop circle tour? Seen strange and inexplicable sights? Been abducted by aliens while cycling? :D

RegularGuy 05-14-02 11:22 AM

How far will you be from House on the Rock? It's not exactly supernatural, but it is one weird hunk of Americana.

When I was in 6th or 7th grade, living in Fairfax County, Virginia, there were reports of a 6 foot tall hatchet-wielding man in a bunny suit who terrorized young lovers parked in secluded places. The newspapers actually reported these stories. One account told that the Bunny Man had been sighted chopping at the pillar of a new house with his little axe. A buddy and I climbed on our bikes and went looking for the damaged house. We never found it.

A few years ago, the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine ran a "parting shot" photograph of a mailbox with a little cow-shaped weather vane on top of it. The address on the mailbox was in the county where I lived. So three of us went on a 40 mile quest to find the mailbox. When we found it, we stopped to take pictures. While we were posing and clicking photographs, the owners came home.

Probably the scariest thing I ever encountered on a ride was something I didn't see. I was night-riding on a gravel backroad, blind to anything outside of the beam of my headlights. I heard an unearthly screaming, squealing noise that made my heart leap into my throat. Later I determined that it must have been raccoons either fighting or mating... least I hope it was raccoons. :eek:

Inkwolf 05-14-02 11:45 AM

I went to the House On The Rock several times as a kid. I particularly remember the coin-operated mechanical orchestras! I think that was back when the original architect was still running it and it hadn't become a major tourist trap yet. I'd like to go again some day, though.

Bbmoozer 05-14-02 01:55 PM

House on the Rock!! Americana Twilight Zone! Wow... I went there to see Frank Lloyd Wrights archaetecture...wound up in a maze of STUFF for hours !
Any ride along the ocean (or big lakes too) is a great ride.... in any country.

Sarah in Wisconsin

Bikes-N-Drums 05-14-02 02:48 PM

There was a man in Atlanta (died about 10 years ago) called "The Birdman of Buckhead". He was an old codger, probably not all there. He rode an old 50's model blue Schwinn cruiser with a basket on the front EVERYWHERE, always with a tank top men's undershirt on...and while riding he'd wave both arms up in the air over and over again. He was very well known to those in Atlanta because everyone saw this guy at one point or another. When he died, he got a full spread in the papers due to the lore he generated simply riding around town in an eccentric fashion.

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