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look566 rider 04-25-13 02:45 PM

Traveling through Amish are in Ohio I found this...
Traveling through Amish are in Ohio I found this,

This link is the only way I have to show this very excellent bike shop! Was driving home to Westerville from Canton and could not stand to make the drive home on the freeway. Decided to go the slow way home. Had not been through Ohio's Amish area for a long time and found Raber's Bike Shop. Amish owned and operated.

My guess is this is a 5000+ square foot space chock full of bikes. There is a very even mix of road, mountain and casual riding bikes.

For those of you have bemoaned that your local shop does not have any high end bikes to look at, you should see this shop! On a rack at the front of the store, they had no less than six high 4 and low 5 figure bikes! Including a $13k Pinarello Dogma and two top spec S-works rides. Very friendly staff that even take week long road trips.

A long drive for me, but I would probably go back and buy from them!

StanSeven 04-25-13 02:52 PM

I stopped there a couple years ago. My in laws live in Wooster and I saw the store out riding. The owner was very nice.

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