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alpal2021 04-28-13 10:44 AM

Can someone tell me about my bike? High Sierra Black Chrome
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I just bought my first bike and chose it mainly because it looked unusual and seemed to have all the basics I wanted in a bicycle. Once I got home from my first ride I decided to do a little research on it and find out what people had to say about it (maybe shouldve done this before I made such a major purchase, but oh well - i think with my heart) The problem is that I cant seem to find ANY info on it. Ill tell you what I know from looking at it:

Its a Schwinn and it says "high sierra" on it. The color is "black chrome" according to the store clerk. It also says "XCD 6000 Accushift" on it. Thats all I know and google didnt help me very much with so little info. The thing looks brand new and I paid a pretty penny for it so I thought there would more info than I am finding.

I am a complete novice so any info/reviews, etc.would be welcome.

Ooompa Loompa 04-28-13 11:14 AM

I don't know anything about them, but they seem like they are pretty good bikes based upon the popularity in this thread

No clue which year your bike is, but here are the specs for the 1996 model Decent enough components.

radeln 04-28-13 11:23 AM

A nice bike. The "black chrome" finish had an unusual look. I would relube all the bearings before riding it seriously. Should we ask how much you paid?

alpal2021 04-28-13 11:43 AM

I paid 350 - which he said was a deal and I guess I believe him because the other new bikes in the shop went up much higher. For a first time rider in a city where bike thieves are a constant threat I thought that was potentially a poor choice but there was nothing else like it in the store. He said it was old stock and just made up a price off the top of his head I think. So I guess I dont know if its new, or an old refurbished model, or an old model that just never sold.

radeln 04-28-13 11:56 AM

I'd call it NOS (new old stock). It's been around a while but was not ridden. XCD 6000 is Suntour, which I always liked. Cantilever brakes and rack and fender brazeons would make it a great commuter bike.

JanMM 04-28-13 12:19 PM

If it's NOS and has SunTour Accushift drivetrain parts, then it's been sitting around for a long time.

Classic non-suspended MTB. Should be a very comfortable ride, judging by the long wheelbase. (Lots of space between the rear wheel and seat tube.)

fietsbob 04-28-13 12:20 PM

I think Schwinn Outsourced to Japan, back then.

alpal2021 04-28-13 01:30 PM

It says made in taiwan. I dont know if that helps date it. Im curious just how long its been sitting around.

shelbyfv 04-28-13 01:37 PM

Ask the mods to move this to C&V, you'll get more interest/ knowledge. Nice looking bike!

fietsbob 04-28-13 01:48 PM


Im curious just how long its been sitting around.
that would be asking the place you got it from, .. right?

wahoonc 04-28-13 01:51 PM

If that is a NOS bike it is an old one! XCD6000 dates to around 1990/91.

Nice looking bike and if it is in new condition the price isn't outrageous.

Aaron :)

GT4 04-29-13 11:25 PM

I like the finish and subtle decals on it. The smooth welding on the head tube looks really nice too. <--These, however, are the only things I like about he bike. How much exactly did you pay for the bike?

wahoonc 05-01-13 07:14 PM

What is the serial number? If it starts with G is was built by Giant in Taiwan. Giant built some nice steel bikes in their day.

Aaron :)

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