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sevenmag 05-02-13 05:59 AM

Watched my first Criterium yesterday.
A great afternoon, lots of fun. I reserved a table in front of small restaurant/bar I like and enjoyed the races with my wife. It was fun for me to see some bikes I'd never seen outside of pictures, and the races were fast and very competitive. Just a great afternoon. We were right across the street from the support team and about a 100 feet before the finish line. I was amazed at the pace those guys kept for over an hour, really impressive and fun to watch.

I'm already looking forward to next years race.

spectastic 05-02-13 06:53 AM

I'm going to the Houston Grand Crit with my friend this weekend. It's my first time seeing a race too

Camilo 05-02-13 11:51 PM

We watched a crit in downtown Victoria BC a couple of years ago. Started out with breakie at a sidewalk cafe, and then walked around and watched a couple of corners, even saw a crash.

That is really fun viewing. I'll try to watch them whenever I can from now on.

spectastic 05-05-13 05:32 PM

We just came back. I can say that I've been seriously humbled, especially after the pro 1/2 race. At some point, I heard of a former national champion from New Zealand? I mean these guys are seriously serious. There were two crashes, one in the men 40+ 4/5, and another in the pro 1/2, at the turn.

also, if I didn't know about snobby roadies, and their bling, I do now! specialized, cervelo, specialized, specialized, s-works... my god!

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