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robertpru 02-17-05 03:46 AM

any other bigfoot cyclists
Somewhere in the world there must be some other cyclists who have the weird distinction of having very large feet and have an answer to our desire to go clipless. My shoe size is 16 EE (Euro 52 ex wide). Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes an affordable shoe that can be ordered? After years of cramping these toes into tight fitting shoes, hammertoe is beginning to develop and it is very uncomfortable. However, I'd sure like to experience the joy of going clipless. Thanks for your help. Robert

Sebach 02-17-05 07:38 AM

Hmmm, while they're not cheap by any means, Sidi makes their Dominator in a Mega 52 (wide) I think. They're often said to be very comfortable for people with wider feet. Of course, that's subjective.

PWRDbyTRD 02-17-05 11:59 AM

I was going to say SIDI...also, you might want to contact the manufacturers. Just because they're not stocked by a site doesn't mean they don't exist :D

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