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Bill 05-06-13 03:42 PM

Hot spot
I get a hot spot on the bottom of my left foot after about 30 miles or so. It is annoying. Any cures for this? I use Shimano-like pedals. I have put an insert into my shoes.

TrojanHorse 05-06-13 04:22 PM

Try stiffer shoes, shoes that fit better, different footbed in your shoes and maybe move your cleats backwards. There's no one answer, it's really an individual thing.

Machka 05-06-13 06:40 PM

1. Move your cleats back as far as they will go.

2. Loosen your shoes.

3. Wear wool socks.

10 Wheels 05-06-13 06:44 PM

Wear thin socks.

Bill 05-07-13 04:30 AM

I have moved the cleats. I'll try loosening the shoes.

Looigi 05-07-13 09:09 AM

Yep. Likely the shoes are too tight/narrow. The foot needs to move around slightly within the shoe to relieve pressure spots.

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