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ka0use 05-16-13 09:06 AM

street and bus stop finds
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what a day.

i found the bike at an intersection where i found another one a couple of months ago. the previous one had presumably fallen off a truck, was lying against the center line divider island, and the levers were busted up some. i got it out of traffic and leaned it against a sign post. was still there next day- and was locked to the post! was there 2 more days, then gone.

the mongoose was fine, but no idea why it was there with the stand down. i didn't take it, either. be a bear getting it on the bus with mine! maybe i should start carrying an extra cable lock. then i can retrieve finds later with a friend's truck.

the solar auto battery charger was in a bus shelter. no buses coming/going, no-one around. not new- mfg date is 2003. i did score it, and a half dollar sized spark plug gapper (auto zone). the gapper was under the bench.

if there is sufficient sunshine when i get home i'll test the charger with a dvm. max amp output is 170mA. trickle charger i reckon.

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