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mrdatalife 05-15-02 11:48 AM ?
have many of you have used them? specifically in the US? how's the shipping time?

it seems they have pretty good prices on apparel.


lotek 05-15-02 11:57 AM

I bought a CSC jersey from them when
no one else carried them. There service
was good, got it promptly. Really isn't much
more to say


Richard D 05-16-02 08:43 AM

I'm not from the US, but I've used them several times and had excellent customer service with reasonable delivery times.


mrdatalife 05-28-02 07:06 AM

thought i would update...

i did order a few jerseys, and they actually arrived pretty quick and in good order.


Campag Fetish Boy 05-28-02 05:54 PM

I still have a frame I bought from them before they had a website - about 10 years back - can't think what they were called then. The rivets holding the front mech hanger wore and started to flex, I had my frame repaired within the week.

Recently bought some more gubbins from there and had the stuff in 2 days.

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