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bike recyclery 05-21-13 03:36 PM

Looking for a company to make bike frame sign
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I run a used/vintage bike shop called Bike Recyclery (, and am looking for someone to build me a sign to hang inside my bike frame. I plan to use this to advertise my shop, and it will likely have my logo, my website, and "vintage & Used Bike Parts".

I'm open to material and lettering type ideas. The pics give you a good idea of what I am looking for, although I'm open to other ideas as to design. A little bit smaller than the one in the first pic might be good, to avoid the sign becoming a sail in the wind. Weight is definitely a concern, so light weight materials are good. Aluminum? Plastic of some sort? Lightweight wood? Something waterproof and durable is great too.

Anyone know of a company that could help out with this? Big plus if they're in/near Colorado as I'm in Fort Collins.


cyclist2000 05-21-13 06:52 PM

I have seen bikes like this at USC. They give the bikes away for free with advertising. I don't know which company.

gforeman 05-21-13 09:10 PM

Cut a piece of Lexan (Do not use PlexiGlass, it can shatter. Then any sign shop could letter it for you. Simple Zip-Ties could hold it to the frame.

dynaryder 05-22-13 04:37 PM

Used to use Coroplast for wheel covers when I played polo. Would work real well for what you're intending. Just find an old political sign,cut to fit,spray paint it a solid color,then do your design. Few zip ties and you're golden.

For bonus points you can make the letters/numbers from reflective tape.

Looigi 05-23-13 08:48 AM

I think just about any sign shop should be able to set you up. They have the coroplast (corrugated plastic sheet) and certainly can do any color, font, graphics, reflective or anything else. You may need to trace the shape you need or something....

gforeman 05-23-13 08:59 AM

Just remember, if you ride this thing in the wind, it will play havoc with you with all that surface area!

TromboneAl 05-23-13 02:06 PM

Maybe it could be non-rigid plastic -- that is, a banner.


You can get some ideas by googling "advertising on bicycle".

cyclist2000 05-23-13 08:37 PM

These are the ones that I have seen on USC campus

bike recyclery 05-24-13 03:21 PM

Thanks guys! Yeah, I am a bit worried about wind. Maybe I'll just make it a smaller sign. I found a local sign shop that can do it for about $70, so good to go!

Hyperventilate 05-25-13 02:25 AM

Please post some photos of your shop and bikes

ka0use 05-25-13 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by hyperventilate (Post 15665405)
please post some photos of your shop and bikes

oh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!

bike recyclery 05-29-13 04:36 PM

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Originally Posted by Hyperventilate (Post 15665405)
Please post some photos of your shop and bikes

Sure, why not!

fietsbob 05-29-13 05:12 PM

where the lettering aint, you can put in holes to let the cross-wind through..

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