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ahson 05-23-13 06:33 AM

Floor pump doesn't show correct reading on schrader valve??
My floor pump works perfectly fine with my road bike tires (presta) with correct PSI reading on the gauge. However when I try to use the same pump to pump up any schrader tires, it doesn't show correct PSI reading at all. The reason why I said that because when I was pumping up my cheapy mountain bike tires, the gauge showed the tire had 60PSI when I only pumped it for few times from complete flat. Defective pump?

Looigi 05-23-13 08:30 AM

There should be a little thingie in the pump chuck that pushed open the little boopie in the schrader valve to hold it open. Depending on the type of chuck and how you convert it between schrader and presta, the thingie may be removable or a part that you flip over or something.

fietsbob 05-23-13 11:02 AM

My solution : a Medai with a thumb lock head for Schrader, and a Silca Track Pump for Presta.

ahsposo 05-23-13 11:59 AM

I think Looigi hit the problem or you aren't pushing the head fully on the stem to depress the valve stem.

The reading is the pressure in the hose.

dynaryder 05-23-13 03:57 PM

^^^This. Happens all the time,esp on new pumps with a tight fit.

Velo Dog 05-23-13 04:24 PM

You could buy a separate gauge. the ones on pumps are cheesy to begin with, and they get knocked around a lot. I've often found 15psi difference between pump gauges and my $15 aftermarket one.

jowilson 05-23-13 04:36 PM

Not a defective pump at all. This happens on my floor pump too, but is fixed when I push the head further down on the valve and lock it in well.

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