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Stix Zadinia 05-23-13 08:03 AM

Best roomy backpack -with hydration bladder- for cycling?
Hello all,

Been searching around online for a somewhat ample pack, haven't really arrived at any conclusion as to what to get. I'm looking for a backpack with enough storage to take a meal for the ride, a juice bottle, and water (either in a bladder, or in bottles).
I also need to accommodate the stuff I'm already usually carrying; some safety/rain apparel, some tools for the bike, lights, sunglasses, work related items (nothing big), and personal ones.
I want the backpack to be roomy (not excessively, though) and durable of course, water-proof when needed, but not as bulky as to impede vision on the back, or hinder maneuverability.

Here's some possible candidates I've looked at so far:

Is there some consensus as to what brand -or style of pack- does better?

Thanks much :)

Yo Spiff 05-23-13 08:36 AM

I'm partial to the Camelbak brand packs. I've tried a couple of other brands a long time ago, so I don't have any recent experience with other makes. I also see many shops carrying Osprey hydration packs now. The big issues I found that affected my preference were the closure of the reservoir and the design of the bite valve.

My own pack is a Camelbak Lobo, which provides a lot less cargo capacity than what you desire. I see a lot of folks with the MULE. How well the compartments are arranged can be more important than overall volume. I like having a few small to medium sized compartments to keep things accessible and wellorganized.

MEversbergII 05-23-13 08:38 AM

I swear by my 5.11 Rush 72.


rica rica 05-23-13 08:39 AM

i have an old gregory brand pack that i don't think is for sale anymore, but i like having a place to slide my helmet in. mine has an expandable mesh outer pocket for that. mine also has small pockets on the belt for snacks. i like those features (the helmet pocket because if i stop in a store i don't have to carry it). just an opinion.

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