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astrein 05-27-13 11:29 AM

Bike purchases
Hey everyone,

So as much as I like biking I'm one of the unfortunate New York City residents who's expected to pay $250 for a 1960 rusted Schwinn. I broke my old bike and am looking for a new one, through Craigslist and BikesDirect, and came across this Fuji ( I've done some research on the bike and have found either very little information about the model or that it wasn't a particularly great one. With that being said I just want a bike, I happen to like this ones design and it's like-new condition couldn't hurt, that won't break the bank or me if it got stolen. Anyway, I was thinking of offering him $100 and going to get the bike ASAP, would that be reasonable?

Thanks everyone and enjoy your Memorial Day!

Retro Grouch 05-27-13 11:40 AM

That's a big bike. How tall are you?

I don't know anything about comparative prices in your area but the owner can't do anything more than tell you "No,"

astrein 05-27-13 12:43 PM

I'm 6'0. Around a 33" inseam.

Retro Grouch 05-27-13 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by astrein (Post 15672578)
I'm 6'0. Around a 33" inseam.

That's good. I'm guessing it's going to be about the right size.

astrein 05-28-13 12:19 AM

Thanks a lot Retro. I also found this bike ( but can't tell anything about the model. It's tough getting out to that part of Jersey but I definitely would if it is worth it. Anyone input on that one?

spectastic 05-28-13 12:31 AM

I have a fuji with a frame that looks exactly like the one in the photo. It's a good bike, but it's probably gone.

spectastic 05-28-13 12:32 AM

I have a fuji with a frame that looks exactly like the one in the photo. It's a good bike, but it's probably gone. the one I got was $75, and I literally saw the ad, called him, went to the atm, and arrived there within 2 hours.

astrein 05-28-13 12:44 AM

Yeah that would be unfortunate. I contacted him the first time he posted the bike but was away in college so I couldn't make a move on it. Desperately trying to find a way down there.

astrein 06-07-13 01:27 PM

Any input on this Univega? ( I was planning on offering $150, is that a lowball at all?
My number 1 purchase priority is a road bike (hopefully this will be it) and then I plan on volunteering at Recycle-a-Bicycle, get some good experience working with bikes.
Again, thank you for anyones feedback.

SolitaryRider 06-07-13 07:28 PM

Looks like a lower-end Univega. Uni made some decent bikes...but this ain't it. I'd keep looking. Regardless of the price, you're not going to get a lot of joy from such a low-end bike; and all the components are obsolete; so if anything needs replacing/fixing, you're going to have to hunt for vintage low-end parts. For $100 more, you should be able to get a pretty decent road bike which would be much better than this one.

astrein 06-07-13 10:13 PM

Thanks Solitary.
Should I be looking at newer bikes from like bikesdirect or are other older models still fair game? I don't compete or anything, I just enjoy cycling with friends all around NYC

SolitaryRider 06-07-13 10:37 PM

I think for your money, Astrein, you would get the best value with a higher quality vintage bike. Nothing wrong with BD bikes, but for two or three hundred bucks, you're likely to get a lot more with a vintage. Just try and find one that has 700c wheels, so you won't have to search for special and more expensive tires, etc.

Hint: Any time you see those "suicide levers" [The levers that come out of the side of the brake levers, for use when your hands are on the tops of the bars] it's usually a tell-tale sign that it's a low-end department store-type bike.

For a few hunnert bucks, you should be able to get something from the late 80's or early to mid 90's- which will make life a lot easier when/if parts and maintenance items are needed, as opposed to bikes from the 70's; which I think is what that Univega is. Good bikes from the 70's can be great too; you just need to know what you're getting into.

astrein 06-07-13 11:19 PM

Great, thanks. I was leaning more towards a vintage bike as well. How about something like this then or this ?
I'm always so skeptical looking at older bikes because I'm never certain whether or not it's really worth pulling the trigger and purchasing

catonec 06-08-13 12:07 AM

that lotus and trek are both decent enough, the lotus being the better of the two.

as solitaryrider said the suicide levers are a good indicator of a low end bike, so are the stem shifters that you can see on that univega.

SolitaryRider 06-08-13 12:07 AM

Those are both decent choices! I think the Trek is way over-priced though, with those Suntour components.

If you can talk them down, fine; If not, just get one that fits you well, and get out and enjoy it- the $50 or $100 you might save won't matter much in the scheme of things vs. the time and enjoyment you'll have by having something decent to ride.

Personally, I think I'd go for the Lotus out of those two. If the Trek had better Shimano components, then I might go for it.

astrein 06-08-13 09:41 AM

I'll definitely look into that Lotus then, I've been watching the owner decrease the price from like $350 to $265.
Thanks a lot you two :thumb:

fietsbob 06-08-13 10:56 AM

Inseam on pants is shorter than standover needs on a bike.

inside leg to ground is a better measurement, overall..

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