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TheAnalogKid 02-21-05 11:04 AM

First ride of year for BikeForums newbie
Took my first ride of the year saturday. It was pretty cold, I forgot gloves, but it ended up being quite warm. Well, the weather was warm then cold, then warm again (as it tends to do here in No. Colo.)

I ended up riding about a mile of narrow county roads to our city trial, which for the northern 5 miles, runs along the lakes we have. After that fist mile; however, both my lungs and legs were BURNING. I started to wonder what I was getting into, but I contiued, marking a "bailout" spot from the trail about 2 miles ahead.
The day from then on turned into something GREAT. I pedaled along, NO ONE else was out, and reached my first "bailout" spot, riding past it continuing down he trail. I picked another spot to leave the trail and go home, but rode past that too. I ended up going the most of the way through town on the trail and finishing with a loop through neighborhood streets back to my place.

It felt great to finally get out and get a fairly decent ride in for the first time this year.

More rides to come...

Zin 02-21-05 11:14 AM

Welcome! Sounds like a good ride. :)

A buddy of mine over on did a solo century north of Boulder yesterday. I think he went up around Carter Lake. Keep an eye out for him if your in the same area. He rides a black Specialized Allez triple.

TrekDen 02-21-05 12:40 PM

Sounds like a perfect first ride to start the year out. To set goals, and go beyond them does make one feel good about a ride. You should log into as N7CZ mentioned above. Looks like a good place to keep track of your rides.

Hope you get back out soon,


Shifty 02-21-05 01:49 PM

Burrrr, I bet those hands did some time in the pants to warm up! Stick with it now that you've started, you can stick with us too!

TheAnalogKid 02-21-05 04:43 PM

Thanks guys, I'm going to try to go this weekend too, maybe after work one day this week.
Being 60F right now, it is perfect for riding, but alas, I am stuck in my flourescently lit cubicle printing out maps....

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