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chrisrook 07-04-13 08:08 PM

Shimano cleats with Time pedals?
So, I just bought a set of Time clipless pedals off of ebay for $20, and the listing did not mention what model they were. These are them:

So, I was womdering, since theu look very familiar to Shimano's 3 bolt pedals, will cleats for those work? If not, anyone know the model or where I could find cleats?

cehowardGS 07-04-13 08:41 PM

Ha, that reminds me of the time I am down at Robbie Tunes ponderosa picking up a Ironman that he built up for me.. He put white Look pedals on it. I got on the bike for a test ride, and I had on SPD-SL cleats. Took a little effort to clip in, rode a couple blocks, and then went for a clip out just to test. Good thing I did that, I was LOCKED in, couldn't get out.. Since I knew it, I yelled ahead to Robbie, that I can't clip out and to catch me.. :D That was some funny stuff.. :D Said all that to say, IMO, they are not compatible.. Since then I have acquired a pair of Look pedals on one of my bikes, and of course I got the Look cleats on my shoes. IMO, the Look cleats, at least for me, clip in and out way easier than the SPD-SL..

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