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SnoTurtle 10-09-00 03:39 PM

Ok, i know this may be an odd question, but im looking for some clipless church shoes, if posible, clipless doc martins, dose something like this avalible? If not, how hard would it be for me to make my current Doc's clipless?

Jean Beetham Smith 10-10-00 06:23 PM

"church shoes"
Check out Pat5319's post on modifying winter boots in the Winter Cycling section, I think it is the most recent there. That should start your brain juices flowing! You might want to get an old pair of roughly similar shoes before you start gooping up your Doc's though. Good luck!

SnoTurtle 10-10-00 08:13 PM

There was some good info there, im going to go buy some old boots and find out the best way to convert them to clipless before i start drilling into my $110 docs!

I'll post an update here when i figure out a good way to make clipless winter, or church type shoes :)

pat5319 10-11-00 01:26 AM

modifying shoes
If you find some shoes to modify for Look/SPD etc. pedals find way to reinforce the upper to the sole or you may rip them apart when pulling back and up. It's not neccessary to reinforce Sorels, since the midsole is sealed/attached quite a way up the side of the boot. When looks first came out a lot of guys did the same thing to their old style riding shoes, a few worked and some came apart, (uppers tearing away from the soles), because they weren't designed to take that type of stress. Have a cobbler/ or old and or experinced mechanic look at them to tell you if it's neccessary to reinforce your shoes, at the instep and/or the heel. If no one can help you; Your shoes will probably work ok if they have a "goodyear" or "littleway" welt and good solid upper, it helps if you don't go crazy on the " backstroke". From what I can recall, I think most "Doc Martins" have goodyear welts and seem to be pretty solid. I haven't been in any shoe stores for awhile, (it's an "old fart" thing"). You won't have to use any body putty on the "docs", for look cleats, unless their soles are heavily and deeply lugged. To reinforce use a toe strap at the instep or attach a reinforcing band around the heel from the ball of the foot
I have some shoes I mounted a toe strap on by punching a hole through he strap and bolting it to the shoe, using an old threaded hole for the old style cleats. I didn't do it to strengthen the shoe but I'm sure it would "make the difference" if needed.
You could do the same by simply wrapping a toe strap around your shoe at the instep. If you want to attach it to the shoe, just use a wood screw and a little epoxy, "slow cure epoxy" gives a better bond. When/if you want to get it apart, heat the screw with a soldering iron or something to soften the epoxy, it makes it easier.
For SPD,s and other types of recessed cleats you'' have to remove some sole material,(obviously), and reinforce/stiffen the sole for a fairly wide area underneath the cleat to distribute pressure and avoid "hot spots". Many Mtn. type shoes incorporate a thin metal plate which also becomes part of the cleat "mounting system", have a look at some.

If you need any help with deciphering this or my earlier "replies", post a note here or e-mail me.

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Jean Beetham Smith 11-11-00 09:08 AM

SPD Doc Martens has Race Face Race Vogs for $48 that look very close to what you want. Good luck, hope they have your size.

SnoTurtle 11-26-00 03:27 PM

<b>WOOHOO!</b> Thank you! I got to scared to kill my docs, so im going to order some vogs, just what i was looking for!

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