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james120479 05-18-02 10:54 AM

mountain bike brakes
This is probably a long shot but i'm desperate. I'm a first year uni student currently undertaking a project looking at mountaon bike brakes, concentrating on Cantilevers, V-brakes and Disc brakes. I can find plenty of information for how the brakes work and which best etc.. but what i really need to know is how these different brakes are made and the materials used. I've searched everywhere and can't find anything. If anyone knows of any sites or where i can get hold of such information, i would be extremely grateful if you could email me at [email protected]. Please Help!!

John E 05-20-02 08:33 AM

Most of the calipers and handles are made of the same aluminum alloy. has some data on brake pad composition.

Richard D 05-20-02 09:26 AM

SRAM do some carbon composite levers and v-brakes - 9.0 SL rather than the aluminium 9.0's, I think. Their site is pretty good - and might have some info.


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