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Duffy 05-18-02 11:48 AM

Cleaning my camel
What is the best method to clean a camelpack? Is it safe to use a little bleach and water and soak for a short period? Thanks in advance.

goodcatjack 05-18-02 01:45 PM

... from


KleinMp99 05-18-02 01:55 PM

I bet that was really hard to find too:D

goodcatjack 05-18-02 02:00 PM

well, you know, you have to right click on the images to get the url directly. that took a while.


what really took the time was filling out the marketing survey/email-trawling-ploy so they'd enter me in their sweepstakes.


Rotifer 05-18-02 02:18 PM

This may sound a bit wierd, but I toss my empty reservoir in the freezer. Nothing grows in it, and it feels good on the back for a while .. plus, I am very lazy.

Duffy 05-18-02 02:21 PM

Thanks,that info was not attached to pack when I bought it. I also store mine in the freezer whan not in use. Sooner or later one must clean it. Once again,thanks.

RiPHRaPH 05-18-02 08:09 PM

i add some SCOPE mouthwash diluted with some water.
nothing grows on alcohol and it makes anything you put in it minty fresh.

LittleBigMan 05-18-02 08:59 PM


Originally posted by KleinMp99
I bet that was really hard to find too:D
That's why you posted it first. :D

gmason 05-19-02 01:07 AM

Don't forget to brick it before you use it for maximum capacity. ;)


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