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newmtb 05-18-02 06:37 PM

Mix and Match any good
I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion for two tires that i could put on my mtb that would ride well in the city. I won't have time to trail ride so i need something that isn't aggresive at all. i want not so much tread on the front and alittle on the front thanks

LittleBigMan 05-18-02 08:48 PM

On the street, smooth is best. The higher the pressure the better.

Ask your local LBS. They'll know.

newmtb 05-19-02 08:21 AM

I meant no tread onthe front and a little on the back sorry for any confusion that may have caused

D*Alex 05-19-02 09:31 AM

Conti Town and Country's are quite good. IRC makes some very good pavement tyres, too.

toolfreak 05-19-02 12:03 PM

I think semi slicks are what you looking for, less rolling resistance and a few knobbies for the grip!

And like D`Alex said; IRC makes quit good semi slicks.

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