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bjorsa 08-04-13 10:39 AM

Fast commuter that can handle groceries and a childseat?
I absolutely loved my Miyata 1000 tourer even though I never used for actual touring duties. Sadly, it was stolen last week and I've been interneting all kinds of bikes looking for the perfect replacement. Turned out easier said than done. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, so I turned to Germany and Great Britain first, like the excellent value Boardman bikes.

But then I went ahead and just bought myself a used Cannondale Bad Boy 4, only to find out I didn't like it at all (except for the awesome hydraulic brakes that got me hooked). The bike had me sitting stright up like a flagpole and it felt both sluggish and nervous at the same time, compared to my old Miyata. What I want is this:

Comfy drop bars
Must handle shopping bags and a child seat without feeling wobbly
Fenders, racks and tires around 28c or so
Disc brakes isn't a must but definitely a big plus - even better if hydraulic

I looked hard at the Surly LHT and Disc trucker. Seems nice but perhaps overkill with the carrying.

And this one (440 mm chainstay):
They also have randonneurs but the chainstays on those only measure 425mm, for some odd reason.

Cheaper alternative:

And now I'm drooling all over this:
The backroad is even better at hauling but since I'll do quite a lot of cycling with no load perhaps the Cooper CMT will feel faster? I found the frame at a good price (USD 1695 is good right? With some fork I don't recognize or add 200 for yet another fork I know nothing about) here:

I tried talk to the folks at Lynskey saying I don't need any polishing, paintjob or such because i want the bike looking as ugly as ever, looking cheap and not worth stealing. A cold war russian look, with random tape, paint and straps on it. They at least agreed to the 20% off the used to have earlier this summer. Is the titanium bike worth it? And if so, should I buy the whole shimano package offered on sale at the Lynskey site, or should I buy the parts separately, sort of going by sales items from chainreactionbikes or something? I feel I don't really need 30 gears anyways. Can I add hydraulic brakes if I go for bar-end shifting?

So. Steel or ti. Package or just frame. I'm completely lost.

Please, you guys of infinte knowledge, help me out? Any feedback is much appreciated!

Best regards,

SkyDog75 08-04-13 11:29 PM

At one point, before a "good enough" bike fell into my lap, I was shopping for a bike to running errands, take to the store, and whatnot. I was looking for a good commuter, basically. Something comfortable, sporty enough to be fun to ride, but can still carry a load. As I browsed, I kinda developed a crush on the Bianchi Volpe. It has mounts for racks & fenders, a triple to haul me and my stuff up hills, it can take wide tires... Other than the lack of extra long chainstays, it would seem to make a decent commuter or even a light tourer. I wouldn't mind the chainstay length so much because the Axiom Journey rack I have allows panniers to be carried pretty far back.

fietsbob 08-05-13 06:24 PM

so you want both a Minivan and Sports car ?

no1mad 08-05-13 08:07 PM

Use a front rack for the panniers and the child seat in back. You may not be able to haul as much at one time like this, but the load will be (somewhat) more balanced.

bjorsa 08-06-13 04:23 PM

I want a fast minivan!!

Nah, seriously, 500 grams extra weight doesn't matter much, but chainstays under 430 mm will. I just want the bike to be fun to ride and have that speedy feel like my old Miyata had (to me). I'm thinking a Cooper CMT fits the bill and I can get the frame 20% off with free shipping to Sweden directly from Lynskey. Is this folly?

And by the way - which fork would you buy, to go with it? They offer two steel and one carbon (without front pannier racks of course).

Not to mention this being only a frame and a fork... I need to read up on all kinds of components! I'm drowning.

Germany_chris 08-07-13 11:06 AM

Yes Ti is worth it, and yes if it's in the budget support the Lynskey family.

redcon1 08-07-13 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by bjorsa (Post 15932634)
I want a fast minivan!!

So you want an Audi RS6!

I would go with the Ti Lynski, with carbon fork (can you get disk mount on the carbon?)

fietsbob 08-07-13 12:18 PM

And a Bike Trailer , for the Kid.. and the grocery runs to feed the family ..

... rather than the baby seat on the bike ..

bjorsa 08-07-13 04:09 PM

Thanks for the replies!

I decided on the Lynskey Cooper CMT. If I add a Lynskey carbon fork w. disc brake mounts + ti seatpost + Cane Creek 110 EZ34 headset, the total add up to 2718, all with 20% off, so USD 2174.

Good deal or better to add every component later? I read about seatposts not cooperating and headsets not fitting, figured this was the safe route. Not exactly cheap though. Who needs a titanium seatpost really? Could aluminium alloy create some sort of catalyst problems? What about carbon, can I be sure it will fit like it should?

About that, the full bicycle deal from Lynskey wasn't very competitive in spite of the sale offer. I did a quick google-up on the components and ended up saving some 300 by buying them separately. Weird.

fietsbob 08-07-13 04:34 PM

So now, the child seat goes on the Miyata?

bjorsa 08-07-13 04:56 PM

No the Miyata is long gone :(

I know there's a constant debate over what's worse from a safety perspective: seat or trailer. But I'm a cautious rider and haven't had to experience a single vehicle accident or anything in over 20 years of frequent riding. The perils instead are cars and pedestrians - a trailer hardly alleviates the problem.

fietsbob 08-07-13 05:33 PM

From my perspective the trailer has a lot of secondary hauling uses , the child seat , just the one.

Step through frames and kiddy in the seat is easier to mount the bike . because of the low frame tube.

cannot swing that right leg over so easily as without the seat .. Duck !

cobba 08-07-13 10:34 PM

If you change your mind on the Lynskey.


bjorsa 08-08-13 02:53 AM


Originally Posted by cobba (Post 15937623)
If you change your mind on the Lynskey.


With a low BB drop and visibly short chainstays (no spec on them is even given)? I think not :)

ThermionicScott 08-08-13 10:55 AM

"Fast" isn't a word I want in the same sentence as "child seat."

bjorsa 08-08-13 02:33 PM

Just because I sometimes need to bring my kid to kindergarten doesn't mean he's sitting there everywhere I go! That seat comes off easy, not like it's welded to the frame or anything. Reason I want one bike to do it all is the same: go fast, swing by thesupermarket and later pick up my son and that seat if I need to. Different cargo of course calls for different cycling.

fietsbob 08-08-13 02:40 PM

so the rear Pannier rack, for the shopping, + the child seat is planned , I suppose ..

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