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bcarr33 08-06-13 12:34 PM

Opinions Requested: 2009 Jamis Xenith Race
I am looking to upgrade from my aluminum Trek to a full carbon ride. An LBS has a used ('09) Jamis Xenith Race in my size - asking $1,250. The shop owner insists the bike is in excellent condition. I have given it a test ride, albeit very brief, but it was comfortable and quick. I am looking for some other opinions - keeping in mind that this ride will be used as a training bike, regular road bike, as well as triathlons (and at least one HIM). Thoughts on the Jamis, price, etc...


Germany_chris 08-07-13 11:03 AM

At 1250 for a NOS I'd pass.

It wasn't über light if I recall and the wheels were meh.

Retro Grouch 08-07-13 11:41 AM

What other choices are you considering? Are you sure that it's the right size?

fietsbob 08-07-13 12:14 PM

data: no opinion.

puckett129 08-08-13 05:17 PM

You can do better for $1250, especially toward the end of summer, IMHO. For example...

or better yet:

bcarr33 08-12-13 07:01 AM

Thanks all for the thoughts. I actually settled on a brand new Giant TCR Comp - 2013 closeout deal. It isn't the lightest pony, and the Shimano 105 is sufficient. It was in the price range and it is a good starting point for future upgrades - but it is quite a looker!

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