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Ozonation 08-08-13 08:52 PM

Any experience with Nitto Albatross handle bars?
I'm not sure which is the best forum for my question, but I'm picking up a Rivendell Hunqapillar and I can't decide on which handlebars to get.

I currently have a bike with moustache bars and it's great, but would not mind some more hand positions. I was very intrigued by the Salsa Fargo and its woodchipper drop bars. I do not plan on doing excessively long tours - mostly day long trips of several hours at a time. I was thinking of trying drop bars on the Hunqapillar.

However, when I ride with my wife, she prefers a more leisurely ride, and this is where the moustache bars I found a bit less comfortable because I just really want to go faster. So, I was thinking of a more MTB style or Nitto Bullmoose bar to be a bit more upright.

I hadn't really consider the Nitto Albatross bars - how long are they for longer distances? However, I have noticed that a lot of Hunqapillar riders use the Albatross bars, and the bar has gotten a lot of good reviews. And Rivendell even features a rider on mountain trails using what looks like an Albatross bar on one of its videos (just search YouTube). Finally, if I take the bike on rougher trails, I would think something like Nitto Bullmoose bars (more MTB style) would be best.

Some swear by another one, the Nitto Bosco Bullmoose bar, which sort of lends the above.

Any opinions on what handle bar best serves me in all situations?

fietsbob 08-08-13 11:19 PM

I have a set of the Chromoly Albatross Bars .. nice for an upright urban bike .. being a thin wall steel tube ,

Bar end shifters fit in , fine...

I suppose you could flip them and use reverse levers in the ends, too..

lungimsam 08-08-13 11:54 PM

I have done a couple 25 mile road rides on them and lotsa commuting. Some people do century rides on them. So comfortable. I love my Aluminum Albas. I can sit bolt upright on my Sam with them. They have a beautiful finish on them.

Standing pedaling is awesome with them because their 53cm width and wrist- in orientation make for smooth and graceful rocking of the bike while feeling totally in control. Like being on a Stairmaster. Like walking steps up hills. I really enjoy standing pedaling with them, where I hate it with drops.

They fit Shimano road and RBW Silver brand bar-end shifters, and mountain bike diameter brake levers. Go to Rivendell Bike Owner's group forum and you will get a ton of on and off road reviews there for your answer.

Just make sure you have a 25.4 clamp stem for them or get a NITTO shim for them if you have a 26 clamp stem you want to use with them. RBW sells all the stuff you will need.

Ozonation 08-09-13 07:15 AM

Yes, I've been scouring RBW groups and have posted on that forum (hasn't appeared yet). I have yet to see a negative review. I'm more concerned with overall versatility. I assume the albatross bars are good on trails, etc.

Johnny Alien 08-09-13 08:21 AM

It has showed up over there. I will vote the same way here...Bosco Bullmoose. They should be as comfortable as the Albas with plenty of hand positions and the look and extra strength will really match the Hunqapillar.

If you do go the Alba route I doubt you will be displeased with that either. That is what I run on my Sam right now and I am really digging them.

fietsbob 08-09-13 10:10 AM

Lots of other handlebars out there beyond St Grant P's RBW land. My Go to bikes have trekking bars on them

Figure 8 bend offers a lot of places to hold onto ..

bikecopp 10-16-13 07:34 AM

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I have a Hunqapillar with noodle drop bars but am strongly considering switching to the albatross. I put the albatross on my specialized expedition and love the more upright riding position.

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