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MickeyMaguire 08-09-13 01:16 AM

Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Therm Barrier Cycling Tight
I bought a pair of these from Amazon last fall to wear in the coming cooler mornings.

Yesterday, I received a second pair of the same that I ordered again from Amazon.

The first pair did not have the padded inner seat. The second pair did. The first pair (large) fit like a glove. The second pair was much larger. I decided to keep them, but, I removed the inner padded seat because that was too big for my rump. They just might be warmer in the coming cooler mornings because of the unintended vapor gap. I guess I will know when cooler weather arrives.

Meanwhile, I have two different pairs of cycling tights that fit like you'd expect tights to kit.

In the future, I guess I'll order from Performance Bike for this sort of product. I have a feeling that Amazon either received them wrong or picked the wrong product, but, they were marked the same as the first pair I ordered (same part number).

Looigi 08-09-13 06:44 AM

Buying soley from Performance may not prevent future problems. I find sizing between models within a given brand to be different and sizing of a given model to change year to year. Tights often come both ways, with or without a chamois, so you need to be sure to identify or specify the one you want. Stuff you buy on Amazon comes either from Amazon or other dealers that use Amazon as an additional sales channel. It's states where it's coming from in the item's description.

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