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Backroads 08-09-13 07:55 PM

Bike ID--mongoose switchback 10 speed?
I just salvaged a Mongoose Switchback from rusting to death. My goal is to have an inexpensive way to get my wife into biking. I've already gotten it in basic working order-- minus new tires. Still, I have a question: When did Mongoose make a Switchback in 10 speed? Where can I find information? Bikepedia only shows 21 speeds (as far as I can tell). My best guess is this bike is '90's or earlier.

I know Mongoose's stellar reputation. ..this is a beater, we hope to give it new life for a few years.


02Giant 01-23-14 09:31 PM

Old thread I know, I have a pair of 85 Mongoose Switchbacks.

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