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TimOBrien 08-15-13 09:33 AM

Curious as to value of my Colnago Super
I am the proud owner of a Colnagno Super racer road bike. Parts include campagnola, cinelli, shimano. Would anybody have any idea of it's value? Or Year even? It's in very good condition. I bought it second hand in 2010.

eja_ bottecchia 08-15-13 10:05 AM


It is probably a worthless piece of metal. I will do you a solid and take it off your hands. :D

IthaDan 08-15-13 10:12 AM

Sight unseen, I'd pay $400 for one if you could guarantee there's nothing structurally wrong with the frame.

Long story short, pictures dammit.

TimOBrien 08-16-13 04:37 PM

5 Attachment(s)

These are the pictures of my Colnago Super. Thoughts?

cyclist2000 08-16-13 07:09 PM

The proper place to inquire is the Classic and Vintage Appraisals sub-form. But after looking at the photos, I would say not very much, the paint looks like crap. Cranks are nuovo record and the pedals don't look like campy nuovo record. It needs a lot of work.

SpeshulEd 08-16-13 08:44 PM

Giving it a bath, new bar tape, ditching the old crappy tape around the top tube, and some bigger photos would probably do a lot for it.

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