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terrya 08-18-13 03:21 PM

I just don't know guys, now I'm getting the feeling I'm being jobbed!

I took my bike in to have derailleurs adjusted and the guy said there was something wrong with my cassette. He said it looks like a washer/spacer is missing and a pin is sticking out too far. Knowing what I know now, the three piece cassette doesn't come with any spacers (built on) and the pin just needed to be tapped in. I didn't know this, so he sold me a 9 speed cassette (bike is actually an 8 speed) and charged me for putting it on and adjusting the tension in the wheel. I did buy a new chain, 9 speed since that is what he said I had. As mentioned in a previous thread, everything was 100 bucks and some change.

I go pick the bike up and the guy told me to take it for a! I go riding it around the parking lot and noticed a lot of skipping in the middle of the cassette, so I tell him that and he starts to adjusting. He couldn't figure out what was causing that and said he never seen anything like it before. The head mechanic looked at it and said it is because the bike is an 8 speed and the shifter is also 8 speed! They tried to sell me a 9 speed shifter, but I took my bike and left. Sometimes if you can't hold in your anger and discuss, it is better to walk off and feel like a fool than to act like one.

I just finished putting back on the 8 speed cassette that the guy said was faulty, and everything is fine.

Do I just not go back to the place? I not go back to the place after trying to get some of my money back? In other words, bite the bullet and just leave well enough alone. Or should I make some noise and hope the right person at the store is listening? After this experience, I will with 100 percent certainty do my own repairs and tweaks!

dynaryder 08-18-13 05:27 PM

Would def go back and ask to speak to the manager. There was no excuse for them to try to 'upgrade' you to a 9spd setup. If you don't get satisfaction,make sure to post an appropriate review on Yelp/Google/whatever.

likebike23 08-18-13 05:41 PM

Take the 9 speed cassette back with your bike. The chain should also be replaced with an 8 speed chain, they are different, 9 speed is narrower. Do not deal with the original "mechanic", speak with the manager/owner. You should by rights get a refund for the cassette and any difference in chain cost. If you want to go back, get the name of the head mechanic and make sure you request the he/she works on your bike. It sounds to me like you got a trainee to work on your bike. You should not be responsible for paying for his rookie mistakes.

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