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bikemig 09-04-13 01:55 PM

Bianchi Gitane
So I've been jonesing, on and off, for a Bianchi San Jose to build up into a monster commuter with a SA 3 speed hub and a SA bar end shifter. I was checking out Bianchi's webpage and this "gitane" pops up which appears to be the same frame just with a different name and colors:

A little odd but they look cool.

Anyone know anything about the Bianchi Gitane? This is the only Gitane that appears available in the USA. Now my choice just got three times as hard, :D

CraigB 09-04-13 08:09 PM

I wasn't aware anyone was using the Gitane name any more. Guess I was wrong. I wonder when they hooked up with Bianchi and under what circumstances. My first race bike was a brand new '84 Tour de France, which you can see in the '84 US catalog on the Gitane website you linked. It was the least expensive model in the "Pro" line. I loved it, even with its French quirks.

Guess I can post a link to it just as easily. ;)

Clem von Jones 09-08-13 11:45 PM

Gitane was a popular French brand during the 60s, 70s. Haven't seen them in the USA for decades. Originally they had this cool head-badge featuring a gypsy woman. I wish they had updated and kept using variations of that logo but I guess it become politically incorrect.

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