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Gozz 09-04-13 03:26 PM

Yakima Treadhead?
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forums. Had a sort of technical question and I hope this is the right place.

I have a Yakima Treadhead (which I never used, I got it when I bought my Jeep). It mounts to the rear spare tire.
I need to transport my road bike from Southern California to Northern California, but the SUV I'm taking doesn't have a spare tire to mount in the back. It does have a hitch though, but the bar that comes off of the Yakima is way too small to fit into the hole for the hitch.

Does anyone know of a way to adapt the small bar for a spare tire to the hitch reciever?

I'm looking around and I see that there are adapters, but I never used one.
Do any of you guys have experience with the Yakima Treadhead or with adapters in general?


Edit: Also since I'm only taking it one way and probably never using it again, since I won't have a car in Nor Cal, I'd rather not go out and buy a bike rack.

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