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naisme 05-20-02 12:13 AM

Fixies anyone?
There are a number of Fixed gear riders posting here. I've searched, but there isn't a lot of info, so those who ride fixies, what is your set up and why?
I'm just starting out and don't know better so I'm riding an old C-dale set up 53 with a Surley flip flop 16/17. I like the feel in my quads pushing those big gears.
On my Schwinn World(I am going to love this bike) I am running 52 up front and started with the 16, as I am in the middle of building a Surley flip flop with a Mavic MA3 rim, and add a 22 or 24(the horizontal rear drops allow for more play in the chain and rear wheel).

John E 05-20-02 08:30 AM has as much fixed-gear information as anyone.

MichaelW 05-20-02 08:59 AM

Im not sure that mashing big gears is the point of riding fixies. You should be practicing that fluid fast spin.

bikeman 05-20-02 09:43 AM


Originally posted by MichaelW
Im not sure that mashing big gears is the point of riding fixies. You should be practicing that fluid fast spin.
I agree there. The fluid motion of a good spin will go farther for you than pushing a big gear and getting aching knees. Choice is yours of course. Some people just like pushing harder than others.

I run a 80's vintage steel Trek that I stripped except for the front brake and I've played around a bit with the gears. I finally settled on a 39T front ring and alternated between a 16T & 17T rear. I have to do a lot of stops and starts in traffic and side street stop signs on my commute (I try to be good and not run the stop signs and red lights - makes for bad attitude amongst cars seeing you do that, but that's another topic). I found being close to the recommended 2:1 ratio seems to works for me. I can get spun out with a tailwind or slight downhill, but that doesn't happen often. I guess I'll continue to mess around with my gears since I've only been doing this a couple of years. I definately think it has made me a smoother rider and that was my goal.

The rear hub is not flip-flop, but is 70's vintage Campy Record with a locking ring on the cog. The front ring is old-school Shimano Ultegra. I have horizontal dropouts can get the chain quite snug with adjusting the spacing so I don't need any chain tension devices. So far I love to ride a fixie. My friends don't understand the fascination. Too bad for them.

aturley 05-20-02 01:11 PM

I ride the remnants of an old Raliegh Capri converted into a fixed gear. I got most of my info from, and the holes in my knowledge were filled by some friends and one of my LBSs.

I have a 52/19 set up. Most of my rides are fairly flat, so I'm usually spinning pretty fast with this.

I love it. It's my favorite bike. I read some website that mentioned that a $300 fixed gear will get more attention that an ultegra-equiped carbon-fiber racing bike, and I think it's true, at least among bike people. There's some sort of mystique to riding a fixed gear. Not that I really think there should be, since I'm not much of a cyclist and the idea of me being involved in some kind of bicycle mystique is laughable. But if people think cool, then more fun for me.


pat5319 05-20-02 10:35 PM

MIne is set up with a road crank 53X42 and I have several cogs 20 through 15? I've used it strictly for working on my spin- maximum and sustained, so far, with the 42 and some of the cogs with higher tooth counts.

Ride to spin

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