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JohnBoston 05-20-02 07:14 AM

Sore back and neck
I've just gotten into mountain biking, and have only been riding for about a month now. Between the weather and a broken fork, I've only logged about 7 or 8 hours so far.
After every ride I go on, my upper back/lower neck hurts pretty bad. The pain is in my muscles right near my shoulder blades. I know that it is caused by being hunched over with my head up. I'm not sure if it is a result of bad posture, or just because I'm using muscles that I'm not used to using. Can anyone offer any advice here? Will these pains go away after I strengthen my muscles a bit, or should do I need to adjust my posture? I've tried several positions for my seat, but haven't had any luck yet. Any ideas?



John E 05-20-02 07:39 AM

If taking a break from cycling abates the pain, it probably does arise from your new use of neck and shoulder muscles. If you cannot acclimate yourself to your position, consider a handlebar stem with a shorter horizontal reach. Upper body stretching and strengthing exercises may help, as well.

orguasch 05-20-02 07:56 AM

Welcome to Bike forum, If your not the atlehtic type the pain that your having is probably the pains for first type people who are just doing fiirst time excercise, What I mean if your not use to streneous activity thats the result you will have, pain. Or the bike your riding is to small and your cranking your back to get a good handle on the bike, ah nah better tell us how tall are you and how big your bike is then maybe we can tell you what's going on.

Bbmoozer 05-20-02 08:26 AM

hi john... try some upper body strength training. push-ups, pull ups, weights etc... and don't forget your gut. Stomach muscle strength helps alot with back support.
it helps me.

Rotifer 05-20-02 10:11 AM

All of the above, and try to relax your arms and keep your elbows in. Also, most bars have some rise or sweep to them ... goof with it as well .. i.e., adjust it fore and aft.

JohnBoston 05-20-02 11:17 AM

I'm 22, about 5'9" and weigh about 155-160 lbs. I'm not extremely athletic, and haven't worked out in a while...especially my back muscles. My bike is a medium Gary Fisher Tasajarra, stock, and I'm not sure what can be adjusted as far as the handlebars go...I'll take a closer look at that. The pain goes away pretty quickly after I stop riding and roll my neck a few times. Hopefully a little bit of strengthening will solve the problem. Thanks for the advice.


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