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Mobile 155 09-12-13 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by katsrevenge (Post 16054922)
Neat. I did not know that. Looks pretty cool too.

I've actually made a number of tool rolls. Very useful things!

I hope to enjoy it!

There is a lot good information you have received already. However if you have never tried a Brooks be informed that not everyone has a Brooks Bottom. There is a reason they see so many other saddles and there is that is the reason for much of the success of Selle An-atomica and why Brooks had to come out with the Imperial. But if you are having trouble with a 5 mile commute more than likely a Brooks isn't the solution. You need to develop a cycling bottom, bum, tail end. If you are looking for instant comfort for five miles a softer padded saddle would work fine. They aren't much good for long rides but it takes more than 5 miles for one to become uncomfortable.

Placing your faith in Brooks may or may not be a wise move in case you discover, like I did and many others they don't work for everyone. Dropping a $100.00 for a paper weight made of leather can be hard to explain to your check book. Yes if it works it would be worth it but that is still a gamble.

If you are just looking for the look here is a boatload of them:

and for a five mile commute and the look you are talking about specifically look at this one:

Brooks would be in my top 10 saddles but for me it is down the list a bit maybe number four or five. The Selle An-atomica would be a step up with the Brooks imperial a bit lower. I prefer saddles that don't have a break in period. The key to getting a saddle you like is to try before you buy. Because no matter what the rest of us ride or how much we love our saddle it doesn't mean a thing if you sit on it and it feels like a hatchet. And it doesn't help when someone else tells you that you simply have to break it in differently, put oil on it, microwave the thing or get a voodoo princess the cast a spell on it if it is a hatchet after a few weeks it will always be a hatchet, you just will have gotten used to riding a hatchet.

MEversbergII 09-12-13 12:39 PM

Thanks for the links to some of the knockoffs. I'm restoring an old style bike that has a vinyl brooks clone (padded), and considered getting some kind of knock off to replace it if needed.


dscheidt 09-12-13 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by Doug5150 (Post 16049692)
Lots of people like how leather looks so they still make chairs and seats out of the stuff,,,,, but no modern vehicle builder of any other type claims that leather is a superior seat material based only on technical reasons.

Sellers of airline interiors do. They claim they're cheaper in the long run, because they last longer, and easier and faster to clean.

Poirier 10-05-13 03:39 PM

Katsrevenge, are you still looking for a Brooks? Send me a PM if you are. I don't have enough posts to be allowed to send one to you.


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