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Pic 09-26-13 08:24 AM

Too much/little clothing cause cramping?
This past weekend it was about 70 degrees and I already shed my leg and arm warmers as I was sweating. I commented to my friend who still had his on and he said, half jokingly, it was to prevent leg cramping. I don't know if he was serious or not.

So my question is, can your legs get too warm/cold and go into cramp mode?
I start sweating within 10 minutes and figure it's time start shedding the warmers. Is it best to leave them on below, say 70 degrees, and be a little warmer than normal?

10 Wheels 09-26-13 08:29 AM

No one knows what causes cramps.

mrodgers 09-26-13 09:58 AM

Shed leg and arm warmers at 70? Few weekends ago it was 46 in the morning when I started my ride. I didn't know how to dress, nor do I have proper clothing, so I wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt. 10 minutes and I was wishing I didn't wear what I wore (I don't have any way of carrying stuff.) The following weekend was 50 and only warmed up maybe 2 or 3 degrees and I was happy again in shorts and a t-shirt for 20some miles.

Leebo 09-26-13 02:00 PM

Try bananas and gatorade, plus good hydration for cramp problems.

WonderMonkey 09-26-13 02:09 PM

Some people do cramp up while exercising if they get too cold, in their calves specifically. I've been around two of them.

lsberrios1 09-26-13 02:20 PM

bananas and hydration like said above. I am cramp prone towards the end of hard rides because I focus on finishing and stop drinking enough water and eating poorly. Cold weather does suck for me as it makes my asthma go nuts and I can barely breathe. Your friend might have thought the sleeves could have worked as compression sleeves which is not the same thing but might prevent muscle damage for runners.

pdlamb 09-26-13 03:20 PM

I can hardly imagine 70F being cold enough to induce cramps...

JanMM 09-26-13 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 16105667)
No one knows what causes cramps.

That about sums it up.

mprelaw 09-26-13 08:27 PM

Leg warmers when it's a frigid 70? Where do you live? Equatorial New Guinea?

I wear shorts down to about 50F. I've never cramped.

cyclist2000 09-26-13 08:45 PM

I prefer Powerade for cramps and stretching the leg muscles.

Chaco 09-26-13 09:44 PM

Google "cramps cause cure" and you'll come up with around 9 million hits. Read the first 2 pages and you'll see that there are as many "cures" as there are causes.
In the end, you just have to find what works for you.

JanMM 09-28-13 06:02 PM

One undisputed fact: Feels so good when the cramp stops.

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