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kingsqueak 09-27-13 03:11 PM

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19 - rack bag / tail pack
I wanted a sort of light to mid-sized rack bag for day rides that I could stuff all the normal tools, tube, lock etc in and have enough room for some food and drinks. The bomb proof Kriega R5 I generally use for short rides just didn't have enough volume to it. I found this Axiom Paddywagon bag on Amazon (best price by a stretch) and decided to pick one up.

The construction quality is decent bicycle grade. It isn't Aerostich or Chrome or Kriega level, but it's o.k.. The zippers are light gauge is my main thing about it, fine for me, but for heavy users I wonder. Comes with a rain cover and a shoulder strap.

The bag is a good bit smaller than it appears in some of the photos kicking around on the web. The size is great for what I wanted from it but it's definitely not full pannier sized as it can appear.

The inside of the bag is padded and somewhat insulated and has a movable velcro padded barrier like a camera case has.

The tail pocket is big enough to handle my George Costanza tri-fold wallet and maybe my keys, not much more. There is a spring clip key holder in the main bag body too.

The attachment is the usual four velcro straps on the corners and the velcro is a decent quality. It's very secure on the Surly Nice Rack that is pictured, no concerns there.

The bike I have is an XXL 24" frame Surly Ogre and that's a Surly Nice Rack (big).

Axiom Paddywagon EXP 19

ka0use 09-27-13 06:09 PM

i recently acquired a set of axiom dlx 30 panniers. love 'em, better quality than expected for the price.

Looigi 09-28-13 07:15 AM

Suggest you rig up your blinky to the back of the rack so it's not obscured by the bag or stuff on the rack.

kingsqueak 09-28-13 07:26 AM

Yeah noticed that, thanks. It pops right off and there's a slot on the tail of the bag for it too.

Kansas Don 09-28-13 07:34 AM

Been thinking about buy the same bag, wife and I like to do weekend daytrips. Will it hold a six pack, a bottle of wine, and lunch?


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