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ScottRae 09-27-13 06:12 PM

miles cheat?
My wife always thinks she is riding father than she really is. I set her computer on her handle bars to count every mile as roughly a mile and a third. She really feels good about herself after a ride. At first it wasn't much of a difference but over time it has started to add up. Should I be putting this guilt trip on myself, or just forget about it? We have been married for 25 years and I really don't want to tell her. She has been using the odometer for 5 years.

Machka 09-27-13 06:37 PM

Why did you do that?

SpeshulEd 09-27-13 07:21 PM

Reset the computer and tell her the battery died...whoops!

Start over for real this time.

ahsposo 09-27-13 07:21 PM

Now set it to kilometers and make it up.

StephenH 09-27-13 07:32 PM

So she also thinks she's going 1/3 faster, right? So she tells her friends, "Oh, I ride 20 mph everywhere I go."??? Does she not ever ride with anyone else to notice the difference? Or never do a 30 mile ride and she think's it's 40?

Retro Grouch 09-27-13 07:35 PM

So she's been cheating on mileage for 5 years. I see 2 choices:

1. Make her give back the trophy.
2. Realize the number on her bike computer doesn't really matter.

ThermionicScott 09-27-13 07:50 PM

My girlfriend's bikes don't even have computers. To the best of my knowledge, she's not interested in her mileage or speed, as long as she has fun on the rides.

Rogan 09-27-13 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by ScottRae (Post 16110976)
My wife always thinks she is riding father than she really is. I set her computer on her handle bars to count every mile as roughly a mile and a third.

I read this thread and went on to other threads. Kept thinking about this and came back to post. Your wife must be a very unassuming person to not have noticed a 1/3 increase over the years. My thoughts are you must "break" her computer and put a new one on the bike set to register correctly and hope she never finds out what you did prior.

I am guessing she would be livid at the very least if she found out.

Kai Winters 09-27-13 09:55 PM're probably going to get a plate full of cold shoulder and hot tongue...better you than me bub...
poorly done for cheating your wife on true accomplishments...dumb ass...

walrus1 09-27-13 10:48 PM

File for divorce immediately! Get a good divorce lawyer from past experience I enthusiastically recommend her. Enjoy half her stuff and get a younger needy girlfriend. :thumb:

Or you could just wuss out and let her think she is clocking up more miles than she actually is.

Artkansas 09-28-13 06:56 AM

Maybe she's just humoring you. It's possible that early on she figured out that the mileages in her car and on her bike don't match. But she knows that you worked hard to set it up and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

The only graceful exit to this situation is to get her a new odometer for her bike. Upgrade!

SpeshulEd 09-28-13 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by ean3x (Post 16111362)
Too funny. I did something very similar to my wife not long after we met 3 years ago. I told her that this
[--------------------------------------------------] was 9". She thinks she's riding 1/3 more than she really is.
Should I tell her? If so, should I make her give the trophy back or make up all of those missed inches?


Believe me, she knew it wasn't 9 inches, she was just being polite and trying not to hurt your ego.

sreten 09-28-13 07:28 AM


Reset the computer to something really silly, like 16" wheels. Say oh it must be playing up and
probably needs a new battery. Set it correctly. If she notices say it must have playing up before,
as you are pretty sure its now working correctly. Setting it to kilometres is a possible fudge.

rgds, sreten.

JanMM 09-28-13 10:03 AM

You don't ever ride together and compare speed and trip distance? Or does yours read optimistically, too?

TromboneAl 09-28-13 10:18 AM

Have you given her a modified tape measure, too (wink, wink)?

Badenoch 09-28-13 10:20 AM

Forget about it. If you get caught claim you made a mistake. It's not the worst thing you could do. It's not like you set the bathroom scales to weigh light.

Jewel 09-28-13 07:00 PM

Here's a female/married (also) for 25 years answer: be straightforward with her. Your intention was good at first (you wanted her to feel good about her accumulated mileage) and apologize for assuming it was to benefit her, but now you see it didn't. We all make mistakes. You've been married long enough, respect her by owning up and go forward with the new mileage re-calibrated.

Dudelsack 09-29-13 06:33 AM

Weirdest thread I've seen here in a while.

wahoonc 09-29-13 03:30 PM

DamnifIknow... none of our bikes have computers on them. We usually ride together so a mile is a mile for both of us, speed doesn't matter, the company and having fun with my bride does.

Aaron :)

Retro Grouch 09-29-13 03:59 PM

I have some tandem riding friends who have two bike computers on their bike. He says the front computer always shows more miles because the rear wheel cuts every turn a little bit compared to the front.

cplager 09-29-13 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 16114270)
Weirdest thread I've seen here in a while.

+1. To the point that I wonder whether or not the OP is telling the truth or just selling snake oil...

eja_ bottecchia 09-29-13 06:07 PM

OP...seriously? Just let it ride....

wphamilton 09-29-13 06:37 PM

I'd punch the reset buttons and leave it blinking. Maybe she'll reset it herself and leave you off the hook even after she notices the difference. Thinking she made a mistake sometime and embarrassed to bother you with it. If she can't set it and you do just set it however you want it.

Myosmith 09-29-13 09:59 PM

First Lance and now this :rolleyes:

Geez man, Why? Just reset the computer and if she says anything, fess up. Let your wife's self-esteem stand on her actual accomplishments, not some lie.

AstroEng 09-30-13 10:18 AM

Guess who just upped his speed by 33%? This guy! :thumb: :lol:

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