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Jewel 09-29-13 09:03 PM

Mud Room Rec
I want to redo the layout of our laundry room/mudroom area to be better organized for cycling clothes & gear. Specifically, I want to make it easier to go from garage to indoors with wet (snowy) shoes/clothes/panniers after commuting and how you store/hang the stuff so it'll be ready for the next day. I'm trying to get ideas, so I would loooove pics of any of your set-ups.

fietsbob 09-30-13 10:45 AM

I've just moved in this summer , there is an entry. Mud Room , where 3 of my bikes park

Bike Friday and, especially, the Brompton take up the least space .

yet to do a wall hook for one of them . pegs on the wall to hang stuff ,

You might like a bench to sit on while you take off your muddy boots..

Come on By. Columbia River View..

[I've got no good digital camera or cell phone].

Jewel 09-30-13 02:18 PM

fietsbob, Congrats on your new digs... sounds nice :). I like the idea of a bench, especially if the seat opens to hold helmets, gloves, etc. AND like the idea of it doing double duty for yes, taking off the shoes/boots. Already have pegs, but I don't like how bulky the area gets with the clothes, so am trying to rethink that one.

TromboneAl 09-30-13 05:10 PM

Hanging is good.

From Googling:

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