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ScottRae 09-30-13 10:17 AM

nice day
To make cycling as enjoyable as possible for my wife I made sure her seat and handlebars were properly adjusted. The chain and derailleurs are lubed and cleaned and her tires are hard. Any other ideas to make a day out riding enjoyable?

ThermionicScott 09-30-13 10:19 AM

Ride at her speed, don't pressure her about anything, ride somewhere fun (a destination), etc.

ScottRae 09-30-13 07:41 PM

I really like the idea about not pressuring her.

WonderMonkey 09-30-13 08:34 PM

When riding with her you can always gear down and spin like mad.

And do wheelies, chicks dig that.

Looigi 10-01-13 07:43 AM

Definitely don't apply too much pressure, especially in the tires. Too high a pressure make the ride harsh whereas an appropriate pressure can make the ride much more pleasant. Optimum pressure depends on a number of factors but tire width and rider weight are the two main ones. What size are the tires?

Retro Grouch 10-01-13 11:09 AM

Plan the ride to end before she runs out of fun.

If she has fun left over at the end of the ride, you can always plan a little longer ride for next time.
If she runs out of fun while you still have miles to ride, there might not be a next time.

ThermionicScott 10-01-13 02:14 PM

Yeah, as I've learned, the ride has to stay fun and a destination (like an eatery or park) is a good thing to have along the way. Like RG said, you might not get that second chance if you whine about going farther (or faster, or try to correct her riding habits, etc.) :thumb:

pdlamb 10-01-13 03:10 PM

When I started riding with my girls, we often went to the ice cream store or a nearby bookstore (with coffee). If I could entice my wife now, I'd pick a destination like a coffee shop, duck pond with a bench, or a park for a short break. Chat with her at the destination, and on the road if you're both comfortable with that. Keep them asking for more!

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