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Don Marco 09-30-13 01:02 PM

Grumble, grumble, electric assist
Toodling down the MUP yesterday, I set my sights on a lady on a upright something-or-other about 50 yards ahead. I'm gonna pass that lady, I thought. But I didn't. I ramped it up a bit, she kept her distance. I put it on a little more, and she starts pulling ahead. WTF? 6 miles I chase this lady, only to see her "motor" up the hill at the terminus of the path.

Dammit. I chased an effing electric moped.

Wilfred Laurier 09-30-13 02:31 PM

there is an arseh... guy
in our town with an electric moped

he cruises the streets
and occaisionally the paths and sidewalks
to the chagrin of all right thinking people

the ones sold in canada are speed lmiited
to 32 kph or 20 mph
so i can usually catch and pass him on flats
and i can always catch him on downhills

memebag 09-30-13 05:11 PM

Last week I was riding on the MUP and I heard what sounded like the creakiest chain noise coming the opposite direction. As the guy got closer I realized it wasn't a chain making that sound, but a gas engine he had attached to his bike. At first it got my dander up, since there are signs all over the MUP saying "no motorized vehicles". But then I looked at him and felt nothing but pity. He looked so sad, sitting on that sputtering device that wasn't really allowed on the streets, the sidewalks or the paths. When I looked into his eyes I could tell he was trapped in living hell.

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