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WonderMonkey 10-03-13 07:01 PM

Rim Out Of True, Only Rode On Trainer
I recently purchased a CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer and used it last night for an hour. Today when I was getting my bike ready for a Saturday right I noticed my rim was out of true. Initially I thought that my axle may be bent as I didn't have the one that came with the trainer installed. I took the wheel off the bike, held the axle ends and spun the wheel. The wheel was out of true but the hub spun true. This, in my amateur knowledge, means that the axle is ok. I think, heck I don't know.

Has anybody had any experience with trainers knocking a wheel out of true or do you think it has nothing to do with it?

Fred Smedley 10-03-13 10:31 PM

Sounds like spoke tension might be low.

cyclist2000 10-04-13 03:05 PM

Sound like you need to true the wheel.

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