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epnnf 10-04-13 12:51 PM

flat tire disaster thread
Post your worst flat tire story here.

I'll start.

I got off work, went to get my bike out of the bike locker for the ride home > front tire flat, went bad near valve stem > replaced w/spare tube > wouldn't hold air > found not one, not two, not 3, 4 but FIVE holes in the spare tube; patched them all > finally got it to hole enough air for ride home > then, after riding only 1/2 mile, went flat again > called cab :(

rommer25 10-04-13 08:47 PM

Last year, I got a flat on the front tire, riding to work. I replaced the tube. When I pumped it up to 90 pounds (with a 13 inch pump) and took the pump off the valve, the valve stem flew out into space. I did not have a patch kit with me. A woman rider stopped and gave me one. I offered to pay her and she said no way and rode away. Another rider stopped and used his CO2 to pump the tube up and I was on my way. A bad experience; but I was lucky that day. Now, I ride with patch kit, spare tube, pump, and CO2.

Velo Dog 10-05-13 10:56 AM

Nine flats on a century. A mowing machine had gone down about 20 miles of roadside a day or two before and scattered puncture vine on the pavement. I probably saw 200 people fixing flats.

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