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terrya 10-10-13 09:25 PM

shipping a saddle
What packaging do I use to ship a saddle? Do I use a standard box with bubble wrap or is there a perfect method for shipping one?

rdtompki 10-11-13 05:32 AM

Any box that's large enough Stuff some crumpled newspaper around the saddle and you're good. Saddles are tough, fine china not so much.

terrya 10-11-13 05:40 AM

Thanks rdtompki!

I just didn't want something showing up at someone's door and they are dissatisfied with the packaging.

wahoonc 10-12-13 08:33 AM

Carefully wrap it in organic acid free paper, then use recycled plastic bubble wrap, followed by a repurposed shoe box...

I agree that crumpled newspaper and a decent box is really all you need.

Aaron :)

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