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Bobsled 05-21-02 02:02 PM

Transporting bikes??
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My question is for anyone who transports their bikes in an SUV. Using a device like the one shown in the accompanying pic will my bike stay stable in the back w/o having to strap the bike down or bolting the device down to the floor board???

John E 05-21-02 02:14 PM

If you do not want to bolt the device to the floor, strongly consider stabilizing the bike, perhaps by hooking bungie cords to the saddle and to the suitable tiepoints in the car interior.

tourman 05-21-02 06:59 PM

I have a home made device that works quite well. I took one of those quick release tie downs and bolted it to a 2X4 cut to fit in the space required. My bikes have ridden in the cargo hold of the bus for many miles without moving, but the board has to fit snugly between the walls where it cannot move about. The same fit could be had in the rear of your suv.If your worried about it sliding just staple some inner tube to the bottom for traction. It is not as pretty as the device in your photo but it works.Hope this helps.:beer:

Bobsled 05-21-02 08:43 PM

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Thanks for your reply guys. Tourman, yeah I was going to make something myself modeled after the above device. I have some old skewers and axels I plan to use or I can buy something like the quick-release below and mount it on some wood like you did. Thanks for the tip using the inner tube on the underside. Hadn't thought of that one.

kobyj 05-22-02 06:59 AM

I have 3 QR's like what was pictured above. Just like TourMan, I attached them to a 2x4. The only difference is my truck's bedliner has slots to hold 2x4s. Since I made the rack, I have had only 3 minor problems.

1) I put the QR's too close together rendering the middle one unusable at times.

2) I forgot to put lock washers on one of the QRs. After a few drives, it would work its way loose. The other 2 had lock washers and have held fine.

3) When the 2x4 warped, it quit fitting into the slots correctly.

When I build my next one this weekend, I will make sure to make it so that 3 bikes can fit and to paint the board to prevent it from warping.

I post this so that if you make your own, you don't make the same mistakes I made.

lotek 05-22-02 07:42 AM

I use a homemade using a thule like
quick release on a 1x6 board. Transport in
a Dodge Durango (SUV). I put bikes in
back wheel first, and use a box that fits
between board and tailgate to stop
forward/backward motion (My saddle hits
roof so bikes wont slide forward).
The only problem I had is once I didn't tighten
down QR enough and bike went over in a turn.
Slightly bent front dropout.
I much prefer it to leaving the bikes hanging
off the back.

Bobsled 05-22-02 07:58 AM

Thanks Marty. Yeah I'll use a 1x6x? and Thule-like QRs to secure this thing. It's actually going into a Chevy Tahoe that I've ordered but haven't received. :D

IowaParamedic 05-22-02 08:36 AM

I just built one, using the quick release fasteners. I used a 1x6, but found some new engineered deck boards (that stuff mad of part wood and recycled plastic). It will not warp, crack or bend.

Also, I thought I could just screw the fasteners to the board. I found it was much safer to bolt the fastener on.

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