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Pinhy 11-05-13 07:29 AM

Masi 3VC 105 - possible purchase help
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Considering buying this for my g/f, she really needs to upgrade from her old steel bike.

Masi 3VC 105 56cm. Has Zipp Team Issue wheelset. Is there a way to tell what year it is? I am thinking 07 or 08?

Any thoughts on what it might be worth (for a used purchase, assuming it's in good shape)?


10 Wheels 11-05-13 07:35 AM

$2000 New

fietsbob 11-05-13 10:36 AM

Masi sold the name , its no longer Italian made.

sloping top tube ... given short seat tube [that's 'size']
So, 56 is a pretty big frame , she play Basketball in Uni ?

Pinhy 11-05-13 11:55 AM

Thanks guys.

10wheels: that is the site I had used to determine it was either an 07 or 08 (based on color scheme). I also wrote down the item ID #'s and will see if it is on the bike anywhere (not that 1 year for a used bike is much difference).

bob: I had found out that Haro now owns them and they are made in Taiwan, not USA or Italy. She is riding a steel 56cm now, though we (she and I) will be checking dimensions and test riding tonight. If the 56cm is taken to the top tube, rather than top of seat tube, then it may be too big.

Rhodabike 11-05-13 01:02 PM

How tall is she? A 56cm frame would fit someone about 5'-10" at a minimum.

Pinhy 11-05-13 02:18 PM

5' 8" (I've been trying to talk her into a 54cm, but she likes her 56 she has now. Only issue is hands go numb after a while...which could be solved/helped by a smaller frame).


Originally Posted by Rhodabike (Post 16221660)
How tall is she? A 56cm frame would fit someone about 5'-10" at a minimum.

Pinhy 11-06-13 02:06 PM

Well, she and I test rode the bike last night and loved it, so it is now hers! First real ride will be tonight. Got it for a great deal from a guy who had upgraded to a New Masi DuraAce Evoluzione as a retirement gift to himself.

My only issue is the shifting is a little "clunky" but we measured the chain and it is a little stretched, which could be the problem.

It actually measured up a little smaller than her current steel bike (even to top of seat tube and the top tube at horizontal). And weight is ridiculously lighter. she is going to leave me in her dust.

fietsbob 11-06-13 02:12 PM

Rather than As Is, a shorter stem, and replace used drivetrain components .. will, perhaps, help.

nothing wrong with following a woman riding a bike, as long as they don't fear stalkers,
and think you are one.

Probably not an issue with your own GF. enjoy the view. :lol:

knobster 11-06-13 10:20 PM

Looks like a 2006. I had a 2009 model and it was ok. It was pretty stiff so would probably be a good race/fast group ride bike, but I didn't think it was very comfortable. Nothing worse than an ill fitting bike though. At 5'8", I would recommend a 52 or 53 cm frame. I'm 5'10" and I find a 56 cm too stretched out. 54 cm for me is perfect.

Mine was nicely equipped and I sold it for $900. This one I wouldn't pay more than $500 for it. Nothing wrong with Taiwan frames.

Pinhy 11-12-13 09:28 PM

It is an 08...she is loving it.

Now I want a carbon bike!

SnowJob 11-12-13 09:38 PM

I like a bike that's sized up from what I "should" be riding. My long legs make smaller bikes feel way too cramped. I'm guessing your gf has longer legs as well if that bike feels right. A trip to the bike shop to investigate different stems gets a +1 from me.

Nice bike, btw!

Pinhy 02-12-14 12:50 PM

a while ago, I borrowed this from her for a road ride. All I had to do was raise the seat height about 1" (I'm 6-1 with a 34" inseam).

So we did some measuring, and even though she is 5-8, her inseam is less than an inch shorter than mine!! All the difference is in the hips/torso. Do to shorter torso, she'd probably be "perfect" on a 54 or 56cm endurance geometry type bike, but she has been very comfortable the last 2 months on this, so cant be too picky when shopping used bikes.

On another note, that ride I took made me really want a carbon bike, so as of a few days ago, I own a slightly used 2013 SuperSix Evo SRAM Red!

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