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Jasp3r 11-13-13 09:40 AM

So my bike lock is extremely broken
Hey guys,

My bike lock (A standard O-ring wheel lock) is extremely broken. I tried to open it like I normally would, but it didn't open, it tried forcing the key a little harder, and now the key is broken and stuck in there.
Now, with even more aggression, the cylinder in which the key goes, can spin around full circle but it still won't open. Any suggestions other than a saw? I only have a tiny hacksaw and it is going to take ages.

Myosmith 11-13-13 09:48 AM

I'm not sure what an O-ring wheel lock is but if you can borrow a good bolt cutter you should be able to remove most locks. Hack saws and angle grinders are other options.

Jasp3r 11-13-13 09:56 AM

One like this: , I probably didn't use the right term, in the Netherlands it's called a ringslot (ring lock).
And thanks for the advice :D

no1mad 11-13-13 10:00 AM

"o ring wheel lock" is probably something like the Axa Defender RL-

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dynaryder 11-13-13 05:24 PM

If you can unbolt it from the frame,you should be able to spin it around to where you can get to the 'loop' and either hacksaw it or clip it with big boltcutters.

fietsbob 11-13-13 07:55 PM

sure the lock cylinder where the key goes was not rusty from not oiling .

thenomad 11-14-13 12:39 AM

get a bigger hacksaw

elcruxio 11-16-13 11:40 AM

Sometimes those locks can be taken apart with big pliers but hacksaw would be better. Or an angle grinder.

fietsbob 11-16-13 12:04 PM

The hasp is not hardened even on the defender the AXA premium model
so a new sharp hacksaw blade should do the job .

NB hacksaws only cut one way , they are not sandpaper.
push and release the pressure on the back stroke.

Jasp3r 11-18-13 06:14 AM

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Ehm... I think I'm going to buy a new bike.
The lock was too tough for a hacksaw (couldn't get a start) and it BROKE MY BOLT CUTTER.

Phil_gretz 11-18-13 07:12 AM

borrow or rent an angle grinder. it'll take you a few minutes to cut.

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