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Johntmeche3 11-17-13 02:43 PM

Which bike do I choose?
I hope I have the right forum for this. I feel like it could go in the commuting, hybrid, and road forums.

In 2010 I bought a new Giant Escape 2. It's a hybrid with flat bars, a steel frame, 700x32 tires, and 18 speeds. I use it to commute my 11 mile round trip to work. I usually fight wind (sometimes both ways). I've flipped the stem and moved the spacers to the top, but I still find myself wanting to be faster, cut through the wind better, and have more hand positions.

My uncle recently gave me his Bridgestone Skyway-12, a late 80s/early 90s road bike. It has a steel frame, drop bars, and 12 speeds. It's been stored pretty well and only needs a couple of tubes and tires.

Both bikes
The Bridgestone
The Giant

I'm trying to figure out whether the bridgestone is worth fixing up to replace the Giant as my commuter bike. Does a steel framed road bike outperform a late model hybrid?

no1mad 11-17-13 02:55 PM

Greetings and welcome to the Forums :)

Looking at the pictures in the links you provided, it looks to me that the Bridgestone is a bit larger than the Giant. I'd go with the one that fits the best, whether it is your current hybrid or the Bridgestone.

Also, IIRC the Escape is an aluminum frame (the Via is steel) and unless you modified the drivetrain, it should be a 3x8 set up.

Johntmeche3 11-17-13 03:09 PM

You are indeed correct about the gears. The escape is a 3x8. I didn't know that it was aluminum. The seat height and distance to the pedals are pretty much the same for both bikes. One isn't noticeably heavier than the other either. I guess it just comes down to which is more comfortable at that point. I might put tires on the Bridgestone just to try it out.

dynaryder 11-17-13 06:04 PM

Use both. Use the BStone for nice weather,the Giant for bad weather.

Fastfingaz 11-17-13 07:18 PM

Thats right!!!!!fix it!! and just consider that you now have two bikes ,,,,, you'll find out which one performs the best in certain conditions,,,, which one do you like best???? that is half the answer right there,,,,,,,

JanMM 11-17-13 07:31 PM

Correct that one bike is not enough bikes.
A Backup Bike should be mandatory by law.

Retro Grouch 11-28-13 06:16 AM

Which one fits you better? They don't look the same to me.

FWIW, the Bridgestone definitely has more panache.

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