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fowler98 11-25-13 02:03 PM

Fake Shimano SLX Brakes?
Hi all, about 20 days ago I bought some Shimano SLX Brakes for my bike
Here's the listing for it:
Here's the problems with them:
They weren't in the original Shimano packaging,
I paid 125 pounds for them and I read on a website that I should've got new disc rotors but I didn't get any,
The hose was too short,
and it didn't have the original brake pads, they should've looked like this:
Could they have been fake, I need to know asap because I haven't got long left before I can return them.
Thanks :thumb:

Leebo 11-25-13 02:16 PM

Great deal ? Try supporting your local bike shop.

jimc101 11-25-13 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by fowler98 (Post 16277214)
and it didn't have the original brake pads

The pads you have in the photo are F03C, these have the cooling fins, as do F01A pads, pads G03S & G01S do not come with fins, all of which are genuine Shimano pads.

If you had bothered to read the listing, you would have seen that the pads supplied were G01S, and the photo shows no fins.

You really need to do more research before claiming that parts are fakes, from all the info in the listing, these are the genuine article, supplied with genuine pads.

For packaging, most Shimano parts will come unboxed like this, unless purchased from a LBS, be it from CRC, Merlin, Ribble or any other mail order supplier.

cobba 11-28-13 08:40 AM


They weren't in the original Shimano packaging
The brakes you bought might be OEM, if they are they won't come in retail packaging.


I read on a website that I should've got new disc rotors but I didn't get any
Shimano disc brakes don't usually come with rotors or adapters, some sellers will sell them with these but most don't, if they do sell them with rotors or adapters they'll list that they do, your seller didn't list them so you shouldn't of expected them.


The hose was too short
I've seen Shimano brakes that are sold with various size hoses 750mm, 950mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, ect.
You should of checked that the hoses on the brakes you bought were long enough before you bought them.


it didn't have the original brake pads
Shimano brakes don't always come with a specific model pad, some brake models are available with different model pads, sellers will list what pads come with the brakes.
The pads that came with your brake are original and the seller did list what model pads came with the brake.

* I'd say that those ebay brakes are OEM and the hoses have been cut to a specific length to fit a certain model bike.

fietsbob 11-28-13 02:39 PM

You have traceable Provenance thru the Regular Bike Shop supply chain.

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