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rhlee 12-06-13 01:17 PM

Test riding 2nd hand bikes
In shops you give a deposit when trying out a bike. How does this work with trying out second hand bikes sold by individuals?

RPK79 12-06-13 01:26 PM

Just like shops vary in policy so will individuals.

fietsbob 12-06-13 02:37 PM

+1, Generalizations just won't work

prooftheory 12-06-13 02:41 PM

It would be really unusual to have to leave a monetary deposit with an individual seller. You might do something like offer to leave your drivers licence while you take it for a spin, but as the other guys said it all depends on the seller.

shelbyfv 12-06-13 08:00 PM

You don't expect the same accommodation from an individual as from a shop. Mostly you are just checking to see if the bike shifts and brakes properly. Probably you will just ride it around a parking lot or up and down a street. No need for an extended "test ride." You should already know what style of bike and approximate size you are looking for.

Myosmith 12-06-13 08:40 PM

From the other side of the coin, when I allow someone to test ride a bike I'm selling, I ask to see a picture ID and make sure that I have a working phone number, which is usually easy as most people are carrying cell phones. I then snap a quick photo of the person with my bike on my cell phone. I've never had anyone turn me down and anyone who does can hike home without my bike. If they show up in a vehicle that they will be leaving behind during the test ride and don't set off any red flags, I'll settle for the cell phone pic. Of course if they are someone known to a friend that I trust or whom I know personally, it's all good and I can forego any of the above measures. If someone seems at all hinky, I just don't deal with them.

catonec 12-06-13 11:59 PM

Ive sold 2 bikes on craigs list. when someone comes over to take a test ride I have them leave their car keys w/me.

WestPablo 12-07-13 12:54 AM


Whenever I've sold one of my bikes, I always tag along and talk sales talk! :D

Looigi 12-07-13 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16307437)
Generalizations just won't work

That's a generalization.

howeeee 12-09-13 11:15 AM

I have sold over 300 bicycles in the last 4 years on craigslist, I never ask for anything, never have any trouble.

Phil_gretz 12-09-13 01:58 PM

I've sold two dozen bikes, and have never let a test ridden bike out of my sight.

If I were to, I guess that a thumb and forefinger biometric print, oral swab and hair sample would be sufficient...

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