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RamAlaRag 12-08-13 11:08 PM

Who Made This Frame?
I have this frame I have being trying to identify for a bit. It is a steel frame. I know it probably isn't anything special, but it was free and I am going to use it as a commuter. There is only one mark on it and it is G100619300. I am thinking about sanding off the paint near the serial to see if there is anything else (Repainting it anyway.)

All it had was two sets of braze-ons for bottle cages, and rear dropouts. However, I just had eyelets and a single boss brazed on. I took off the gray tape.

Image when I first got it. It isn't a great image.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

ahsposo 12-09-13 08:19 AM

It's a frame for a single speed street bike. Just guessing it's sized for somebody around 5'10''. Could have been made any where, probably Taiwan or China.

chaadster 12-09-13 08:45 AM

Yeah, there are no distinguishing features that would allow anyone to ascertain the brand. Together with the simple drop outs and unshaped tubing, it's most likely an inexpensive, Asian generic, the type of which would be branded by someone other than the manufacturer.

Because it does have two sets of H2O braze-ons, it's not bottom of the barrel, though; lots of the fixie frames don't even have that.

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