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Pinhy 12-14-13 10:09 PM

PEDALS (Look vs Shimano)
Looking to get the g/f a mid to upper grade set of pedals for xmas, to go on her "new" Masi carbon she bought a month or so ago.

I had it narrowed down to Ultegra or Look Keo Blade Carbon. I had decided on the Look, for a great price on ebay (in fact was going to buy 2...xmas gift to myself). Ran it by a friend that really knows bikes, and he saw that the Blades don't seem to have an adjustment screw for clip-in get the 12Nm (or 16 or 20....12 in this case) that the carbon strap is set to. Is this correct?!

Any thoughts on not having the (in)ability to do minute adjustments to get the tension you like? This is almost the top of the line Look pedal (Ti being the one higher) so there has to be a reason they dont have an adjustment.

The Look Keo 2 Max DO have an adjustment screw, but of course are heavier and I assume not as "advanced".

Ultegra is always a solid pedal, and weighs about the same as the Keo 2 Max. So if I decide against the Blade, then I have the decision of Keo 2 max vs Ultegra

Looigi 12-15-13 10:36 AM

Get Keo 2 Max. The Carbon blade is a gimmick IMO, the sole advantage of which is saving a few grams. In setting retention on the Blades, you are limited to the available CF springs. On Keo pedals you can set and change the tension easily. There is a new blade version BTW which is a bit more aero. The old one did not have high enough retention for really strong riders. Many pros chose the non-blade Looks for that reason. Ribble has the Keo 2 Max for $80. I've bought two sets from them. They ship fast but orders from the UK get hung up at the US port of entry for varying amounts of time so things can take up to three weeks to arrive, tho 5-10 days is the norm in my experience.

Pinhy 12-15-13 10:01 PM

Advice taken....Keo 2 Max carbon purchased on Ebay

Winnershcyclist 12-16-13 10:37 AM

I never got used to SPD's and now own to look keo Max and would never change

Looigi 12-16-13 01:27 PM

To be fare, at least IMO, Shimano SPD-SL (road, not mtb) pedals are very similar to the Look pedals and work the same for all intents and purposes.

Pinhy 12-23-13 08:29 AM

Agree Looigi....the Shimano's are restyled Looks from what I have heard. Look made them first.

As mentioned above, I got her the Keo 2 Max Carbon. Pedal is carbon, but it isn't the "blade" version. These ARE adjustable!

fietsbob 12-23-13 12:00 PM

They licensed the Look pedal design at Shimano, for years ..
the Legit way to offer a copy..

Looigi 12-23-13 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16353642)
They licensed the Look pedal design at Shimano, for years ..
the Legit way to offer a copy..

They were patented? When did it expire?

fietsbob 12-23-13 02:35 PM

Like I work for either?. IDK, ask/search the US Patent office site.

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