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tornado60 12-22-13 10:53 AM

What is the bike getting for Christmas?
I was doing a little last minute Christmas shopping. It got me thinking, who is getting their bike something for Christmas? Mine will be getting that new tube it has been asking for for two months. And maybe some new bars.

fietsbob 12-22-13 11:09 AM

Beer :beer:

My modified steel tube Brompton front bag rack , turned cargo rack ,
just came back from the Powder-coat Job.

WebFootFreak 12-22-13 11:12 AM

not mine... but the wife's bike is getting a new saddle and lights, and the boy's bike is getting tubes and a good once-over.

P7HVN 12-22-13 11:13 AM

What are the wheels getting for Christmas? :)
My set of Loop wheels just arrived from England Friday evening. Now I'll be looking for a bike to put them on. I want a full sized mountain bike host, like my other mini-velo MTB, so going to be looking at rigid frame SS's...

Looigi 12-22-13 11:17 AM

My bike's getting ridden for xmas.

cyclist2000 12-22-13 07:45 PM

my folder is getting a klickfix caddy adapter.

big chainring 12-22-13 07:55 PM

What is the bike getting for Christmas?
Honjos, maybe, hopefully.

the sci guy 12-22-13 11:45 PM

I just bought my new Cross Check last weekend, so in effect it was a Christmas present to myself. :lol:
But for the bike itself, I ordered new pedals, Shimano A530s

To go with the pedals, I ordered my first pair of bike shoes: Specialized Tahoe

And I've replaced the generic bottle cages with two of these

claystevens 12-22-13 11:59 PM

I'd like to choose a better front light.

Pinhy 12-23-13 08:22 AM

nothing for my bike....but I bought the g/f's Masi a bell, Dura-Ace Chain (a couple years old but brand new...friend had it sitting around) and Look Keo 2 Max Carbon pedals!

Retro Grouch 12-23-13 08:28 AM

Almost everything.

I'm rebuilding the old Porsche mountain bike frame that I've had hanging in my workshop for several years. Components are mostly period correct but definitely not OEM matching.

demoncyclist 12-23-13 09:01 AM

The kids got new bells and head & tail lights. The wife is getting a pair of CF bottle cages to go on her CF bike. I had a few items on my wish list for the new Lynskey. I know that my sister in law got me the SKS longboards I wanted (the package from Amazon was so odd, that my wife opened it, and still couldn't ID the contents, and there was no way to wrap them. I have a rear rack,trunk bag and LizardSkins DSP tape on the list as well. We'll see what is in all those packages under the tree on Wednesday.

trafficdancer 12-24-13 09:34 AM

my Pugsley got bar-end flashing lights. Super obnoxious!

wphamilton 12-24-13 09:42 AM

New chain (SRAM 850), bigger battery pack (6600 mAh), Eyewear mirror. It seems kind of stingy, maybe I'll lube the hubs and replace the cables as a special treat.

Rodster 12-24-13 05:17 PM

My bike got a Feedback Sports Pro Elite repair stand. It was supposed to be a surprise but the box showed up at the front door on my work-from-home day. Oops!
The bike is very happy!

Pidge 12-24-13 05:26 PM

I might get some grips for the dirt bike and a chainwheel and/or brake pads for the bmx, but it would be as a late Xmas gift. If not for Xmas, then for Bday probably.

Malemute_Kid 12-24-13 07:39 PM

My commuter is getting a set of fenders. Can't wait to install them!

Bakerb24 12-24-13 10:13 PM

My bike is getting a Park Tool PCS-10 Bike Repair Stand from my wife. Earlier this week I bought a Park Tool Master Chain Link tool, 4th Hand Cable Stretcher and a Park Tool Cable Cutter.

doctor j 12-24-13 11:38 PM

Unfortunately, my bike is getting a heavier engine with no more power than the usual one:cry:. Due to crappy weather (ice/snow/sleet) and chaos at work, I rode only two days between Thanksgiving and yesterday. Typically, I ride off the Thanksgiving weight gain before the Christmas weight gain hits. No such luck this time around.

ThermionicScott 12-25-13 12:44 AM


Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 16352573)
To go with the pedals, I ordered my first pair of bike shoes: Specialized Tahoe

Very cool. Just remember: clip out while you're slowing down, not after you've stopped. ;)

As for me, I'm not buying a bike or anything for my current stable this season. My plan for 2014 is to ride what I've got, and not spend money on bike parts for the sake of buying things.

...that is, after the Madison Swap Meet in January. :innocent:

xtrajack 12-29-13 01:54 PM

My Xtracycle got new Surly Dummy bags, and a new battery for the Down Low Glow. Probably for its'/her birthday it/she will get a new battery for the E-assist.

GeneO 12-29-13 08:43 PM

Mine got more tools to get banged on with. I got wool.

tornado60 12-30-13 02:51 PM

I hear you.

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