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katsrevenge 12-24-13 09:07 PM

A Lawyer on a Unicycle.. in a Snowstorm.
Take a look at this!

He has six of them and rides one everyday..

I'm impressed. I'm finding riding on two wheels to be a challenge in snow. But one???! :twitchy:

Clawed 12-25-13 04:42 AM

Wait, is this a lawyer joke?

"A lawyer on a unicycle in a snow storm goes into a bar...with a priest and a rabbi..."

fietsbob 12-25-13 11:58 AM

It does have a studded tire , of course . I do that with 2 wheels ..

Artkansas 12-31-13 08:36 PM

Thanks. I had seen the picture, but it's great to get the backstory.

One tire, with studs may be more stable. He's always over his center of gravity, and a single tire with the equivalent weight has twice the force per square inch contacting the ground as a bicycle.

wahoonc 12-31-13 09:20 PM

Neat... never thought about riding a uni, but I can see some serious advantages to it.

Aaron :)

BeginnerCycling 01-01-14 11:48 AM

A unicycle, in the snow, with a briefcase in one hand and an umbrella in the other -- impressive!

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